Bringing Babies Home

Welcome home! Whether you have had a baby before or you are treading into unchartered waters, we hope the resources below will help you adjust to your new life as a mother of multiples.  Remember to check in with the club to discuss any questions or concerns you have during these early days and beyond!

Get them on a schedule

One of the first things you should do after bringing twins home from the hospital is get them on a reasonable feeding and sleeping schedule.  This means, if one baby wakes up to eat, wake the other one up to do the same.  Similarly, if one is sleepy, put both of them down for a nap.  In the beginning, the babies’ routines may not sync, but in time, you will eventually get them on a similar schedule.

Keep a log

Having a notebook or dry-erase board is a practical way to keep track of each twins feedings, nap times, diaper changes and even when medication (if any) was taken.  Here is a sample worksheet. This will help you keep things straight and is beneficial to anyone you have lending a helping hand.

Take care of yourself

During the first few weeks with multiples, you’ll learn what sleep deprivation really feels like. You can make up for this by taking naps while your little ones are sleeping.  Remember to eat and stay well hydrated, particularly if you are breastfeeding.  Sometimes a shower and a bit of fresh air will make you feel like a new person!  Sneak in a 5 minute shower while the babies are sleeping and pack up the crew for a walk around the block!

Accept help

Take advantage of your support network- your BPOTMC Mentor Mom and other members, family, friends, co-workers, etc.  Everyone knows that bringing home two babies is overwhelming, so do not be afraid to ask for favors and advice.  Not finding what you need within your current support network?  Contact the club to seek out recommendations on additional services that may be helpful to you.

Learn to let go of the non-necessities

Decide what has to be done and what can wait until help is enlisted.  For example, do you really need to clean, or can it wait so you can get some rest?  Is it necessary for you to do laundry even though there is plenty of clothing still left in the drawers?

Enjoy and capture these first moments

You may feel overwhelmed and sleep deprived, but remember that these “firsts” only happen once.  Stop yourself in the midst of your routine to enjoy your late night cuddles, the babies’ newborn smell or reflect upon how blessed your family is to have such precious new members.  Snap pictures when you are all well rested and perhaps jot down a note or two in your phone or on a piece of paper with fun things the baby did that day; you can always go back to these later to put together memory books for each child once you are out of the fog of sleepless nights.