Membership info

Membership is open to parents (or soon-to-be parents) of twins or higher order multiples in the Central Kentucky area.  Dues are just $30 per year; please see the how to join page for information on joining the club.

Membership Benefits

The BPOTMC offers a variety of benefits to membership in the organization, including:

  • Fellowship and support of parents who are adjusting to life with multiples.
  • Monthly children’s activities at reduced or no cost.
  • Family parties throughout the year.
  • Monthly Mother’s Night Out/Board Meetings.
  • Parties and activities for adults.
  • Monthly newsletter featuring club highlights; a schedule of events and other items of interest.
  • Moms Gatlinburg Shopping/Relaxing Trip.
  • Automatic membership & quarterly newsletters from the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club .

General Meetings

General meetings are held quarterly throughout the year.  Location and time may vary due to meeting topics or activities.  Contact us for more details.

Monthly Board Meetings/ Moms Night Out

We welcome all BPOTMC members at our Board Meetings. The meeting location moves every month to various restaurants around Lexington.  We have a great time, great food and great chatting. We even manage to get some work done, too! If you are considering taking on a board or committee position, this would be a good opportunity for you to “check us out” and get a break as well.

Contact Us

Please contact us at with any questions you may have.