Selling your children’s outgrown items is EASY with the Everything for Kids sale:

  • YOU set the price for your items (see Tagging Instructions for suggestions on pricing to help you get the most out of our sale)
  • YOU decide if you want your items sold at half-price on the last day of the sale
  • YOU receive 70% of each item’s selling price when you work at least one 3-hour shift. You can choose to donate your unsold items to charity and we’ll handle the donation for you – but YOU still get the tax deduction.

Non-member sellers are required to work at least one 3-hour shift. (We will certainly take you for more time if you are willing.) You will prepare and tag your own items, bring them to check-in, work your shift, and we’ll do the rest. See the Tagging Instructions page for more information on preparing your items for the sale.  If a non-member does not work, there is a cut in the percentage paid of the purchase price of items sold.

Club members who sell must work a shift at the sale to receive the extra club benefit for items sold. If a member does not work, there is a cut in the percentage paid of the purchase price of items sold.

In order to be eligible to shop the Pre-Sale Event every seller must work a 3 hour shift.  Club members who do not work the sale will be able to shop during member shopping, after the sale workers.  If you would like to shop early, but do not wish to sell, check out our volunteers page.  Everyone is welcome to work the sale and enjoy early shopping!

What to sell:

Spring/Summer Sale: What to sell

Spring/Summer Sale:
What to sell

Fall/Winter Sale: What to sell

Fall/Winter Sale:
What to sell

Please check the links for special instructions on items accepted for the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter sales.  Equipment, furniture and toys should be clean and in good repair.   Capris and lightweight jackets will be accepted at both spring and fall sales.  Clothing to be sold must be clean, stain-free, and in good repair. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CLOTHING THAT IS DIRTY, TORN, OR IN POOR CONDITION.  All items brought to the sale WILL BE INSPECTED. Items found to be stained, broken, in poor condition, torn, etc. may be refused during inspection. Also, please check all items via the CPSC website to ensure nothing has been recalled before bringing them to the sale. It is ILLEGAL to sell recalled items. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CRIBS. In order to make sure we are complying with federal consumer protection rules, WE CANNOT SELL CRIBS.

Everything for Kids Sale happily accepts boutique brands. To help you get the most out of your high-end items, simply tie a brightly colored curling ribbon around the top of your hangers. Your boutique items will then be placed among other like-sized clothing. This will allow shoppers to notice your boutique items while browsing (and allow you to price your high-end children’s fashions at top dollar).
Boutique Brands include:

Baby Lulu
Baby’s Trousseau
Bon Bon
Carriage Boutique
Charlie Rocket
Chez Ami
Chicken Noodl
Cottontail Originals
Eleanor Rose
Feltman Brothers
Hannah Kate
K.C. Parker
Kelly’s Kids
L’Amour shoes
Le Top
Little English
Luli & Me
Matilda Jane
Mini Boden
Nelly Madison
Olive Mae
Peaches ‘n Cream
Petit Ami
Rare Editions
Shrimp and Grits
Sweet Potatoes
Well Dressed Wolf
Zaza couture

*Any brand purchased at a children’s boutique or home show (including smocked items)
*Clothing purchased at most chain stores are NOT considered boutique (Gap, Gymboree, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, etc.)

We partner with My Consignment Manager to use their barcode tagging & sale management system. To register to sell in the sale, you will create and activate an account with My Consignment Manager , then select the shift you’d like to work. If you already have an account with My Consignment Manager , then skip that part and just sign up to sell (step 3).

 **NOTE:  Some people have encountered issues with logging into My Consignment Manager using Internet Explorer.  If experiencing issues when logging in to MyCM, try using Chrome or Firefox, not Internet Explorer.  

1. Register – each seller must first register with My Consignment Manager to use the system.

*Fill in all information following the formats required

*You will need to accept the terms and conditions

*Remember that the User ID and password are case sensitive

*Be sure to write down your User ID and password

*Click on Register – Very Important or all of your data will be lost

2. Log in to My Consignment Manager
Log in to My Consignment Manager using the User ID and Password you used when you registered. Remember that the User ID and Password are both case sensitive. Sign up to sell at the sale by clicking “register me as a seller.”

3. Seller Home Page
Welcome! This home page will display after you log in. From this page, you can enter items, print tags, manage inventory, and choose your work shifts and your item check-in time.

4. Manage Inventory
If you sold in a previous sale you will have the same seller number and will also be able to see all of your items from the last sale in the “manage inventory” function. If you still have items tagged from the previous sale that are seasonally appropriate (toys, books, shoes, etc) you can use the “transfer” function under “manage inventory” to add them to your list for this sale. PLEASE do not bring items tagged from last sale unless you transfer them to the new sale – if you don’t transfer them in, every single item will cause an error at check-out. Once you do the transfer, you do not have to reprint the tags unless you choose to edit the price or discount/donate info. If you do edit, you need to reprint those tags or again, every single item will cause an error at checkout.

Please see Tagging Instructions to learn how to correctly create tags, hang, package, and apply tags to your merchandise.


You will need to choose your check-in time from your Seller Home Page in the My Consignment Manager system appointment required (select a check in appointment on the My Consignment Manager system)

Items will be inspected upon arrival and may be withheld from the sale if in poor condition, stained, broken and/or not properly tagged. You must remain with your sale items and put them on the sales floor once they have been inspected.

As you tag your clothes/items and arrange for check-in, please

*Separate your boy clothing and girl clothing.

*Group like sizes together.

*For twin/triplet/quad matched sets: Please keep all of the matched sets together as those will be hung on designated “Matched Sets” racks.

*Check all tags to make sure they are facing outward, pinned to the RIGHT side of the item (as you are looking at it), and are securely fastened to the item. If an item is found without a tag during the sale and a buyer wishes to purchase that item, a price will be assigned to the item by the sale chairperson and payment will be donated to the club. Your hanger should curve to the LEFT if you are looking at the front of the item.

When the sale is over, sellers need to return for item pick-up no earlier than 8 PM and no later than 9 PM on Saturday, unless you choose to donate all unsold items.


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